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Paul Vanouse

Professor of Art
Director of Coalesce Center for Biological Art
Co-Director of Emerging Practices MFA
University at Buffalo.

Mailing address:
University at Buffalo
Department of Art
202 Center for the Arts
Buffalo, NY  14260-6010
716-645-6970 (fax at UB) 

Recent and upcoming public activities:

October 16, 2021 - January 16, 2022.  Difference Machines: Technology and Identity in Contemporary Art Curated by Tina Rivers Ryan and Paul Vanouse, Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.
Difference Machines: Technology and Identity in Contemporary Art addresses the complex relationship between the technologies we use and the identities we inhabit. The exhibition presents the work of seventeen contemporary artists who ask some of the most urgent questions we face today: How is technology changing the way we see ourselves, and each other? In what ways does it contribute to-or allow us to resist-prejudice and systemic forms of oppression? What role should it have in our lives and in our communities?

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Dec. 1, 2017.  Keynote Lecture, Artificial Lives, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.
Nov. 16-17, 2017.  Microbial Aesthetics Symposium (organizer), University at Buffalo, NY.
Sept. 9, 2017.  Artist talk, Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria.
Sept. 7, 2017.  CyberArts Exhibition Opening, Prix Ars Electronica, O.K. Center, Linz, Austria.
Sept. 1, 2017.  FACT, exhibition opening, Mute Art Gallery, Lisbon, Portugal.
June 24-July 3, 2017.  Artist in Residence, Cultivamos Cultura, São Luis, Portugal.
April 10, 2017. Lecture/workshop, The future of art and genetic engineering, Art's Work in the Age of Biotechnology: Shaping Our Genetic Futures, North Carolina State University, NC.
Mar. 29, 2017.  Consensual Fantasy Engine and Terminal Time, Michelson Theater, New York University, NY. 
Mar. 1, 2017.  Artist Talk, Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo, NY.
Feb. 17, 2017.  The America Project, panelist: Art and Biology, College Art Association, New York, NY.
Jan. 18, 2017. Artist Talk, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI.

Oct. 20, 2016.  The America Project, Esther Klein Gallery, Philadelphia, PA. (Solo).
Oct. 10, 2016. Data (after)Lives, University Art Gallery, University of Pittsburgh, PA.
Oct. 2, 2016.   Natural Philosophy, Martin Art Gallery, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, PA.
June 20, 2016.  PED.Toronto, Koffler Gallery, Toronto, Canada.

June 15, 2016. Keynote lecture, Experimenting with Authority, Society for Literature, Science and Art, Stockholm, Sweden.
May 28, 2016.  Keynote lecture, Experimenting with DNA, Contagious Bodies: Network Politics Seminar Series, DECOL Coop./New Media Lab, Istanbul.
May 27, 2016. Invited lecture, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.
May 20-21, 2016. Click Festival, Helsingor, Denmark. Latent Figure Protocol performances. 
April 29, 2016. Opening Speaker, Switching Lenses, Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, Ithaca, NY.
April 23, 2016. Opening reception, Coalesce Center for Biological Art, University at Buffalo.
April 18, 2016. Plenary lecture, Media as Matter, Signal to Code: 50 Years of Media Art in the Rose Goldsen Archive, Cornell University, NY.
April 18, 2016. Signal to Code, opening, Hirshland Exhibition Gallery, Cornell University, NY.
Jan. 15, 2016. Interview, Clot Magazine, London.

Dec. 11, 2015. Keynote lecture: Complicating Things, Posthuman Aesthetics Conference, Aarhus University, Denmark.
Nov. 17, 2015  Consensual Fantasy and the History You Deserve, lecture, Department of Cinema Studies, NYU, NY.
Nov. 16-17, 2015.  Personal Microbiome workshop and artist lecture, School of the Art Institute of Chicago.
Oct. 30, 2015  Exo-Evolution , exhibition opening, ZKM, Karlsrhue, Germany.
Sept. 17, 2015  Sameness and Difference, lecture, Grinnell University, Iowa.
Apr. 20-21, 2015  Molecular Biology in Reverse Workshop, Utah State University.
Apr. 17, 2015  Lecture, Department of Art, Utah State University.
Apr. 10, 2015  Opening of SO3: Three Significant Others, L'espace Multimedia, Bourgogne, France (through June 2015).
Mar. 18, 2015  Opening of ART sySTEM: The Changing Climate of the Arts and Sciences, Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art, Utah State University (through August 2015).
Feb. 7, 2015  Art and DNA Technologies, 1-4 PM, Lecture and panel.
Stavanger Kunstmuseum.  Stavanger, Norway.
Feb. 6, 2015  Article Biennial opening, including Latent Figure Protocol and Suspect Inversion Center performances.  Stavanger Kunstmuseum.  Stavanger, Norway.  on Facebook.

Nov 14-23, 2014   Ocular Revision at the Digital Taipai Festival, Taipai, Taiwan.
Oct 23-25, 2014  Workshop, Suspect Inversion Workshop: BioInformatics and PCR Hacks, Genspace, Brooklyn, NY.
Oct 24, 2014  Lecture, Difference and Sameness, Genspace, Brooklyn, NY.
June 16, 2014  Evidence, Anthropocene: Regards Croises, Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau, France.
May 23-27, 2014  Making Life Workshop,
Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.
May 21, 2014  Artist Lecture, Finish Bioart Society, The House of Science and Letters, Kirkkokatu 6, Kruunuhaka, Helsinki, Finland.
May 16-20, 2014  Workshop: Identity, Algorithm and The Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Sauna, Biofilia,
Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.
April-June, 2014, Visiting Professor, Biofilia: Base for Biological Arts, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland.
April-June, 2014, Artist in Residence, HIAP, Helsinki, Finland.
Mar 26, 2014  Lecture, DNA as subject, material and mediumThematic Research School "advances in Systems & Synthetic Biology", Evry, France.
Mar 5, 2014  Keynote Lecture, Imag(in)ing Human Difference, ARTHattack!, University of Guelph, Canada.
Feb 15-28, 2014   Inaugural Artist in Residence, Genspace, Brooklyn, NY.

Oct 19-21, 2013  North Troy Suspect Inversion Center workshop, Center for Independent Media, Troy, NY.

Oct 11, 2013  Conversational panel with Rebecca Belmore and Walter Mignolo, Decolonial Aesthetics conference, University of Toronto, Canada.
Sept 19-28, 2013  Ocular Revision at Transito Festival, Mexico City, Mexico.
Sept. 10-Oct. 24, 2013  Signs of Existence: Biotech Art, Amelie A. Wallace Gallery, SUNY Old Westerbury, NY.
Sept. 5-9, 2013  Suspect Inversion Center at ARS Electronica Festival, Linz, Austria.
May 1, 2013    Artist talk, Department of Art, Rensselaer Polytechnic, Troy, NY.
Mar. 18, 2013    Lecture, DNA as material and medium, Bacterial Networks, Polonia Castle, Pultusk, Poland.
Mar. 14, 2013    Performance and Lecture,
Beall Center, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA.  
Feb. 19, 2013   Artist brings DNA processing to life on gallery walls, interview by Carolina A. Miranda, KCRW public radio, Los Angeles.
Feb. 7  - May 5, 2013    Evidence..., solo exhibition, Beall Center, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA.  
Feb. 1, 2013   Forensics: Representations and Regimes of Truth, Vincent Lavoie, Ciel Variable 93, Montreal, Canada.

10/16-18/12  Artist Workshop, Discovering Nature Apparently,  VIDA 13.2, Madrid, Spain.
9/25-29/12    Peoples PCR, Residency / Exhibition / Lecture, NeoRio: Confluence of Art and Environments, ISEA 2012, Questo, NM.
7/24/12    Artist Lecture, Society for Genetics and Society, Terrytown Meetings, Terrytown, NY.
5/8/12     VIDA 1999-2012, Fundacion Telefonica, Madrid, Spain. (on view through Jan 2013).

3/13/12    Artist Lecture, Digital Capital conference, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.
3/1/12      Fingerprints... opening, Muffathalle, Munich, Germany.  
 Large solo exhibition of several Vanouse biological artworks.
2/15-19/12    ARCO, Ocular Revision, VIDA booth, Madrid, Spain.
2/8/12      Lecture, Science and Art Cabaret, Ninth Ward at Babeville, Buffalo, NY.

10/31/11  Austrian TV premiere, BioArt - Kunst aus dem Labor, "Artgenossen" am 31.10.2011 ORF 2.  
Buch & Regie Robert Styblo.   Hierzu wurden Interviews geführt mit Bioart Künstlern wie Paul Vanouse, Joe Davis, Stelarc, Orlan, Art Oriente, Jun Takita und Sonja Bäumel, zu zudem kommen einige Expertinnen zu Wort (Kunstgeschichte und Technikphilosophie) um eine Einschätzung dieser Kunstrichtung zu geben.
10/24/11  Ocular Revision wins second Prize at VIDA 13.2, the International
Competition on Art and Artificial Life , Madrid.
9/24/11    Opening, Ocular Revision, solo exhibition, Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
9/23/11    Artist workshop, Kapelica Gallery, 
Ljubljana, Slovenia.
9/17/11    Two Panel talks: VIDA, BioARTCAMP.  International Symposium on Electronic Art (ISEA), Istanbul, Turkey.
7/16-31/11   Residency, Artist talk, BioARTCAMP Conference, Banff Centre, Alberta, Canada.
5/14/11    Synth-ethic
Latent Figure Protocol lightboxes, Museum of Natural History, Vienna, Austria.
3/24/11    Book launch, Fingerprints..., Schering Foundation, Berlin, Germany.
3/4/11      Artist talk, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.
2/24/11    Visceral, performance,
Science Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
2/18/11    Surveyor, Ocular Revision, Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.
2/05/11    Visceral,
Latent Figure ProtocolScience Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland.
2/04/11    Artist lecture, Fingerprints... conference, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany.
2/01/11    Transmediale
Latent Figure Protocol, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Germany.
1/28/11    Fingerprints...
, Schering Foundation, Berlin, Germany.  Large solo exhibition of several Vanouse biological artworks: Premiere of Suspect Inversion Center, also Relative Velocity Inscription Device and Latent Figure Protocol lightboxes.

11/12/10   Keynote Lecture, Biopolitics and Activist Media Conference, Innsbruck  University, Austria.   
10/22/10   ACADIA 2010 Exhibition, documents from Latent Figure Protocol , Cooper Union, New York, NY.
10/16/10    Lecture, "The Post-Biological Turn", Biotopia Conference
, Utzon Centre, Aalborg, Denmark.
10/15/10   Opening, Biotopia: Art in the Wet Zone, Ocular Revision, Utzon Centre, Aalborg, Denmark. 
9/11/10  Mediations Biennale, Relative Velocity Inscription Device, National Museum, Posnan, Poland.
9/3/10    ARS Electronica,  Prix Forum Hybrid Art,
Jens Hauser, Stelarc, Paul Vanouse.  Tabakfabrik, Linz, Austria.
9/2/10    Cyberarts opening, ARS Electronica Festival,
Ocular Revision, Linz, Austria.
6/17/10  Transbiotics Lecture, Paul Vanouse, Jens Hauser, Zane Berzina, at Spikeri Museum of Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia.
6/14/10  Opening, RVID & LFP, TRANSBIOTICS. Temporal stability points, Spikeri Museum of Contemporary Art, Riga, Latvia.
5/15/10   Ocular Revision, receives Award of Distinction at Prix ARS Electronica, Hybrid Arts.
5/14-15/10  Lecture, Human Rights and the New Sciences: A Symposium, University of Chicago, IL.
4/7/10  Lecture, School of the Arts, University of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
4/5-14/10  Expert panelist, National Academy of Sciences, Virtual Symposium on Culture and Evolution, Washington, DC.
4/5-30/10  NYFA Currents, Objects of Influence, online photo-essay.

10/29/09, Lecture and Workshop, University of Windsor, Windsor, CA.
10/23/09, Lecture, Spatialized Networks and Artistic Mobilizations, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.
9/25/09, Sk-interfaces, Relative Velocity Inscription Device, Casino Luxembourg, Luxembourg.
5/14/09, Artist Talk, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Latent Figure Protocol performance and installation, New Media: Why, Neuberger Museum, SUNY Purchase, NY.
3/11/09, Artist Talk, SUNY Purchase, NY.
3/06/09, Artist Talk, Exit Art, New York, NY.
3/05/09, Artist Talk, Radars and Fences II: Tactical Bioart in the Age of Biotechnology, New York University, NY.
Latent Figure Protocol performance and installation, Corpus Extremus, Exit Art, New York, NY.

12/05/08, Gusto at the Gallery, Albright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY.
Latent Figure Protocol performance, International Festival of Performance "Controlled Accidents". Ex Teresa, México.
10/03/08, Latent Figure Protocol performance and installation, Copywrong, Dundee, Scotland.
Latent Figure Protocol performance and installation, CEPA Gallery, Buffalo, NY.
Latent Figure Protocol performance, Brocher Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland.
7/24-7/08, Creative Capital Retreat presentation, Williams College, Williamstown, MA.
7/3-10/08, PED.St John's performance, Sound Symposium, St. John's, Newfoundland, CA.
4/29/08, Renew Media Fellowship Award presentation, New York, NY.
4/10/08, Artist Talk, From Analog to Digital, FAMU Film School, Prague, Czech Republic.
4/11/08, Amateur Enthusiast Biotech Workshop, Intermedia Institute, Prague, Czech Republic.
3/04/08, Active-Stimulation Feedback Platform projection, Reverberation, Yuangong Art Museum (Shanghai), China.
Active-Stimulation Feedback Platform, Reverbation, Tank Loft (Chongqing), Contemporary Museum (Shi Jiazhuang), China.