Paul Vanouse: selected works INTRO ARTWORK TEXTS INFO

, 2019.

  America Project, 2017.

 Suspect Inversion Center, 2011-14.   

 Deep Woods  PCR, 2011-14.    

Active-Stimulation Feedback Platform, 2005.

PED,  2001-08.

Cult of the New Eve,  1999.  

Paradise Reconfigured
,  2000.  

Terminal TIme,  1999-2000.  

Security Bra,  1998.  

Persistent Data Confidante,  1997.  

Items 1-2000,  1996.  

,  1996.  

Consensual Fantasy Engine,  1996.  

  Selected Art, Biology and Electronica workshops,  2000-present.  

Suspect Inversion Center, Ocular Revision , Deep Woods  PCR,
Latent Figure Protocol, Relative Velocity Inscription Device, PED, Paradise Reconfigured, Cult of the New Eve, Active-Stimulation Feedback Platform, Items 1-2000, Security Bra, Follower, Touch, Computherape, Terminal Time, Persistent Data Confidante, Consensual Fantasy Engine.